About Us We are a family company from Poland


My name is Bartek Stepniewski

and a few years ago I wanted to make a product page. I’ve looked into hiring someone to do this for me. After doing some research, I’ve found that the price to hire someone to build a web page was very expensive! So I’ve  started looking into doing it by myself. I’ve spent a lot of money trying out different CMS systems, but the one that I liked the most was WordPress. Now the next challenge was to find the right theme provider.

Growing with Themify – Portfolio

I’ve found Themify purely by chance, perhaps through a banner or promo text message. But before that, I tried many other theme hubs: Mythemeshop, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, Studiopress, and even purchased some themes from Themeforest. But at the end, Themify suited my needs the most. Through Themify, I was able to learn how to use and modify html and CSS. I especially enjoyed using the Builder that was built into each theme. It was like a Swiss army knife, that allowed me do anything that I wanted.


Now I’m doing this as a 4 people squad: me, my wife and 2 our kids
and working with people all around the world.

Our skills and our tools

My favorite tools are:

  • Wordpress – and Themify framework, Elegantthemes Divi, Studiopress…
  • Woocommerce, Shopgold (polish e-commerce script), Cs-Cart,
  • Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, CorelDraw,
  • and many others…

As a family freelancer every day I’m learning new things, knowing more or less interesting tools and trying to do my best in Wordpress world!

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New in our portfolio our latest projects

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